We are Mediplast family, we have hospitals and beauty centers abroad in the name of Elvan Group, Global Esthetic Center, and Küsbeoğlu AŞ. And we started providing our services in Basaksehir to achieve the success we had achieved abroad in our country. In Mediplast, You are welcome to visit us, as distinguished guests and as one of our family members, to obtain a healthy service in a sterile environment with our latest technology devices, by our experts and specialists.

And since Mediplast is growing and developing based on the question of what we can do to   provide our services, our primary goal is to provide you with the best service. Mediplast consists of a team of experienced and talented doctors and cosmetologists.

Today, where technological infrastructure is the most important factor in the world of beauty as it is in every field, we offer all innovations in the world of aesthetics. We always aim to provide you with the best technology in cosmetic and care procedures and procedures through our FDA approved hardware infrastructure. We have appropriate treatment techniques for skin problems, skin sensitivity and problems with aging, in line with the detailed skin condition we perform before all procedures. Thanks to our Vectra 3D simulator, the possibility of preoperative 3D simulation is one of the highest level technologies available in our clinics.