Today, skin care is performed in many beauty salons and skin departments of private hospitals and hairdressers. Human skin wears out according to age, life conditions, harmful habits, unbalanced nutrition, alcohol, smoking, sunlight, dust and dirt that penetrate the skin during the day, causing skin sagging, wrinkles and spots sooner. So skin care must be taken to prevent these problems as well

Eliminate it.

Skin needs regular care. Well-groomed skin appears younger and smoother. For this reason, all men and women should have regular skin care. Care is taken according to the characteristics of each skin.

Anti-perspirant skin care is a type of skin care that prevents aging. Its name comes from the word anti-aging, which speaks of anti-aging in scientific research. It also has an opposite meaning in its content. Changes that occur with age, genetic factors, adverse environmental conditions, unhealthy diet and attractiveness, reveal changes in the skin and aging. Skin care generally minimizes the influence of all these factors. In other words, it means controlling the aging process.


At what age do we need anti aging skin care?

Anti-aging skin care generally includes all types of anti aging care. Each person will be exposed to it, but it varies from person to person at any age. For this reason, the age required for care varies according to structure, environmental conditions, genetic factors, diet, and habits. Over time, color unevenness, skin imperfections, and black spots become evident. At the same time, skin features such as oily and completely dry skin complete its development at different ages.

Anti-aging treatments are generally best started around the age of 30. As the skin renews itself and begins to stabilize between the twenties and thirties. Therefore it is essential not to use skin care products in this age group. Where complete skin growth occurs.


How should anti aging skin care be done?

Before caring for anti-inflammatory skin, it is essential to know what content should be restorative or what content the skin needs. Accordingly, it is necessary to use skin cleaning products. To get rid of dull and unhealthy skin, the skin must be cleaned first with an appropriate cleaning product.

These transactions are generally preferred:

  • Gentle cleansing of the skin,
  • Apply regular treatment with nourishing masks,
  • Do gentle peeling,

Take tonics and basic skin care