What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal applications are the most effective method in eliminating the hair problem developed to destroy hair follicles. Hair problem is an aesthetic problem and it is a common problem for everyone, regardless of whether they are men or women.

With the help of laser devices developed with today’s technology, it is possible to get rid of the hair problem permanently by making the skin look smooth. Laser hair removal</a > treatments are widely used because they provide permanent solutions to people.

How Is Laser Hair Removal Done?

Before applying laser epilation treatments, the patient must be checked and the method suitable for the skin structure must be determined. After determining the appropriate method for epilation to be applied to the patient and the device to be used, the rays emanating from the laser device are shot to the area with hair problems and the hair follicles begin to be destroyed.

The beginning of shedding from the first session is the beginning of permanent results. The rays destroy the hair follicles by giving a heat effect and the main purpose is to work in this way.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

It has a usage area that can be applied to any desired region. One of the biggest benefits of hair removal applications is painless and permanent results. Thanks to the methods applied in a fast and practical way, the person gets rid of the hair on his body after 4-5 hours.

Although the treatment time is fast, the session durations are prolonged depending on the width of the area to be treated. It is a successful method not only for hair removal, but also for the treatment of some diseases that the specialist physician deems appropriate. Epilation, which has very safe and successful results, can be easily performed by anyone, regardless of whether they are men or women over 12 years old.

Before Laser Hair Removal

People should not touch their hair 15 days before and should shave the area with hair problem 3 days before the epilation session. Thus, the hair roots are more obvious and time is saved from the session.

In case of tanning through a solarium or naturally, it should be expected that the color of the skin will lighten. The area to be made must be cleaned from external factors and become sterile.

After Laser Hair Removal

After epilation applications, people must follow the recommendations of the specialist physician. There should be no contact with hot water for the first 24 hours after epilation and it should be protected from sunlight. Sunscreen cream should be used for sun rays. Heavy exercises and hot areas such as sauna and hammam should be avoided. If there are signs such as fever or inflammation, the physician should be informed.

Types of Laser Hair Removal

There are 4 different types of hair removal uses. The varieties with different wavelengths should be selected according to the patient’s hair and skin structure. One of the epilation types is ruby ​​laser.

  • Ruby epilation is an effective method on very short hairs and especially on upper lip hair.
  • Alexandrite epilation is effective on skin that is not too dark and hair with dark skin. In addition, because it works with a cooling system, people do not feel pain or pain.
  • Diode epilation is a type of method produced for fine hairs. This method is generally effective on dark skin types and should be used with a cooling gel.
  • ND YAG epilation is effective on light colored and thin hair. However, this method is not preferred by centers and patients because it is painful.

Epilation Reviews

The people who had it done have found a permanent solution to their hair problems within the framework of satisfaction. When looking at other hair removal methods, epilation is a hair removal method that is both painless and permanent.

People who live their lives without the hassle of hair removal are very advantageous. People who know the benefits of their application should have epilation with the method suitable for them without wasting time.

Laser Hair Removal Prices 2021

Price criteria in epilation applications vary according to individuals. The most important reason why different prices are applied in these applications is that there are treatment methods that vary from person to person.

Other factors affecting epilation prices; Factors such as the location of the epilation center, the expertise of the doctor who will perform the epilation application, the epilation treatment methods, the hair and skin structure of the person, as well as the width of the area to be treated, will affect the epilation prices in 2021.

For these reasons, people should make an appointment with epilation centers for a preliminary interview. As a result of the examination of the specialist, the appropriate method is determined and the patient is informed about the process. You can contact us now for information about laser hair removal prices 2021.