Introducing the technique and its fields

Exfoliation is the process of cleansing the skin from dead and eroded skin, which requires great care and attention to make the skin look healthy and the need to pay attention to continue caring for it.

  • Because of the feature of cleaning the skin, increasing the frequency of its use and preferring it using different masks. Ash mask, rice mask and olive mask are the most suitable and preferred masks for defining peeling. The decisions taken in light of the medical interventions recommended by the experts: the fact that the skin tissues have a different elasticity and structure in each patient and that these masks should not be used without the recommendation and approval of the doctor and qualified medical professionals. Because, depending on the skin difference
  • Air pollution, side effects of cosmetics or the use of poor quality products, and the harmful UV rays of the sun directly affect the upper layer of the skin, damaging it, burning it and making it in need of cleaning, especially thanks to new treatment methods and skin care, has become more important. . Peeling as a method of cleansing the skin is one of the most recent renewal of the cosmetic image, services based on medical science that take their place at the highest points in almost every field of life, methods of applying aesthetic technology, quality, specialized knowledge, technologies and health theories contribute and accumulate in areas of expertise.


Its benefits

  • Peeling is a very effective method for the emergence of healthy and vital cells by cleansing the upper layer of the skin from harmful and dead cells by exfoliating the skin and giving the deepest layer of the skin with a massage function.
  • By tightening the skin, it delays the aging effect of the skin, externally or biologically, allowing the complexion to have a younger, rejuvenated appearance.
  • It has succeeded in being one of the principles of cosmetology and the model method by maintaining its advantage of providing extraordinary help and support with its technological instrument mechanism for the superior development of the skin for a natural and clean look by removing the layer of dirt on the skin.


Acne, blemishes, blackheads, etc. Peeling has proven to be one of the most popular areas of service for clinical and medical management institutions thanks to the results of the successful graphic service obtained for all inquisitive eyes, diagnosing his area of expertise and stage of treatment, producing effective results against skin problems and problems, and skin cleaning techniques that support patients.