The structure of the pores in the skin is completely determined by genetic factors. In general, this structure is different in every person. The pores expand due to changes in skin texture with age. As a result of collagen loss, flexible and enlarged pores occur. This condition also varies from person to person due to sunlight, living conditions, diet, and side effects. This elasticity, which occurs with aging over time, causes a bad appearance as a result of sagging skin.

Pore pressure techniques are used to get rid of this elasticity and sagging. As it is necessary to maintain the balance of lipids in order to keep skin pores tight. In order for a person to be less affected by this situation, they must undergo professional skin care regularly, especially after reaching the age of 30. In the field of skin care, the skin is refreshed, exfoliated and cleansed. Its content is purified from the soiled fatty tissue. Hence, pore enlargement is prevented.

It is essential to use skin care methods to have healthy, non-aging skin. The first requirement among pore-compressing techniques is professional care. This ensures collagen formation and clearing of dead skin. Chemical peels can be used with their pore-tightening properties. At the same time, it is possible to tighten pores and have a younger skin structure using laser treatment.


Laser technology to tighten pores

In addition to cleansing treatments, masks and other procedures that are performed to protect and restore the freshness of the skin, if sagging occurs in the pores, the laser technology ensures that the skin is restored to its old appearance. It is the removal of dead skin resulting from chemical peels. In this process, it tightens the skin. In the peeling process, a solution is applied to peel off dead skin. In this process, chemicals such as triclosic acid, hydroxy acid and glycolic acid are added to the content of the solution to remove dead skin.

Laser skin pore pressure techniques are performed using the following types:

  • CO2 functional laser technology,
  • Q-swidged laser technology


It is made in two types. With laser treatment, fibers shrinkage in the skin. With this shrinkage, the skin shrinks, and a stimulation of restructuring occurs in the lower connective tissues, and the original skin tissue is acquired, which removes dead skin and reveals a stronger appearance. Many people prefer to use laser methods at a rate of 6 sessions. It is possible to achieve a more youthful appearance in a short time with these techniques, which are performed every two weeks.