What is Regional Thinning?

regional thinning then becomes a mandatory action. Fat and weight in certain parts of the body are among the conditions that bother many individuals. Today, thanks to the regional thinning preferred by both women and men, every individual has a healthy body.

Generally, fat deposits occur more frequently in areas such as the abdomen, legs, knees, hips, and hips. Regional thinning, it is possible to get rid of these fats without surgery. Applications are made with different methods and techniques. The most suitable method is determined according to the body shape and skin structure of the person.

Regional Thinning Methods

Fat accumulation in the body and appearing overweight are situations that women obsess over and want to get rid of. Thanks to the slimming methods, many individuals have the body structure of their dreams in a short time.

There are many methods such as cold lipolysis, cavitation, ultrashape, g5 massage, liposuction. You can also choose from these methods to get rid of fat without surgery. It is applied by determining the most suitable method for the person’s fattening area.

Regional thinning methods vary from patient to patient as a session. You can also get an opinion from a specialist doctor to get rid of your fat in a short time.

Regional reviewers

More recently, the number of people who have had regional weight loss. Especially women prefer it more often because they give more importance to external appearance. Thanks to the slimming process performed with different techniques, many individuals have the body shape of their dreams.

Those who have the procedure state that it is a comfortable procedure since there is no surgical intervention and no anesthesia is applied. He also states that they can have the body structure they wish in a short time without pain and suffering.

Before you decide to benefit from the regional slimming application, you can have information by consulting the individuals around you who have had the procedure. You can safely operate by experts.

Regional Slimming Devices

More than one device is used in non-surgical regional slimming applications. These devices vary from patient to patient and according to the area to be applied. With the help of devices with various wavelengths, fat is burned and the person can have the desired body shape in a short time.

Ultrashape device, smoothshapes device, eximia device are among the most preferred devices today. The devices are used by experts in the field. Sessions are determined according to the fat ratio of the person and applications are made with devices. The application, which shows its effect from the first session, makes most individuals smile.

a.Ultrashape Regional Slimming Device

Ultrashape regional slimming device, which is produced with the latest technology and applied without surgical intervention, is a device used in shaping the body. With the help of vacuum, the fat in the targeted area is broken down. In this vacuuming process, blood vessels and nerves are not damaged.

It is the highest quality device that can be used for skin tightening. It accelerates the metabolism and accelerates the weight loss process. It is a process that takes 1.5 to 5 hours on average. Since there is no serious complication after the procedure, the person can continue his normal life. It gives a more successful result especially in areas such as waist, abdomen, hips.

Regional Slimming with b.Smoothshapes

Another device used for regional slimming today is the smoothshapes device. It is a device applied with laser and light systems. During the application, the device is liquefied by targeting the adipose tissue. With the help of laser, the liquefaction process is quite easy.

At the same time, there is a light method that accelerates circulation and helps the adipose tissue to go out of the cell. With the vacuum system, the depth of the light is adjusted. It is the method applied to make the skin look tighter and smoother.

With the Smoothshapes regional slimming device, it is possible to thin up to 1-2 sizes. After the procedure, which takes about 40-80 minutes on average, a visible thinning occurs.

Regional Slimming with c.Eximia (Cavitation) Device

Eximia (cavitation) device is among the devices used to treat cellulite and get rid of regional fat. Regional slimming procedure with cavitation device is preferred more frequently in body parts such as waist, belly, arms and hips.

It is a non-surgical procedure applied with sound waves. Thanks to the sound waves applied from the outer surface of the skin, the fat cells are destroyed. Destroyed fats are released and excreted via lymph.

A visible thinning occurs in the treated area from the first session. Regional slimming applications made with the cavitation device are combined with exercises and diets to achieve faster results.

d.Regional Fat Burning with Radiofrequency Therapy

Radiofrequency therapy is among the regional thinning methods applied in lubrication in certain parts of the body. The radiofrequency method activates the water-containing tissues by acting.

In this way, fat cells with high water levels are easily reached and melted. It can also be used in the treatment of cellulite. It is a method that can be easily applied on both face and body areas.

The regional thinning method with radiofrequency is applied for an average of 6-8 sessions. However, depending on the patient’s skin structure and fat ratio, lengthening may occur in these sessions. It is quite easy to get rid of fat and cellulite with radiofrequency.

PowerShape Slimming Technology

Regional lubrication and weight are among the most common problems today. Powershape slimming technology is also applied in regional slimming and slimming methods.

It is one of the most effective methods in these applications, which are more frequently preferred by women today. The powershape method, in which 4 different techniques are used together, can be used in every part of the body. It is used in conjunction with sound wave, infrared light, vacuum and radiofrequency.

By concentrating on the area to be applied, the fat is burned. You can also choose the powershape method to get results as soon as possible for regional slimming and not to experience pain and pain.

How to Determine Regional Thinning Prices

Today, regional thinning, which is the most common application and whose prices appeal to everyone, is more preferred by women. Prices may vary from person to person. People with more fat will have higher prices.

Prices vary according to the technique and device to be applied. Powershape slimming technology is one of the more costly but most effective methods. Thanks to the regional slimming prices offered with campaigns and discounts, more affordable services can be obtained.

Prices vary according to the centers performing the application. Prices vary according to the number of sessions in the area to be applied. The higher the number of sessions, the higher the price will be.

Regional Thinning Prices 2021

Regional thinning prices, which are offered to appeal to each individual, vary from person to person. While trying to get rid of regional fat, the prices will be higher for people who will be used for cellulite treatment.

Prices vary according to the centers performing the application. The number of sessions varies according to the rate of regional fat and thinning of the person. The higher the number of sessions, the higher the price will be. You can always have the application done by the centers that offer services at a more affordable price.

Thanks to regional slimming prices, you can get your dream body shape by losing regionally in a shorter time and at an affordable price compared to other procedures. You can contact us for more detailed information about Regional thinning prices 2021.